Jia-Chi Huang

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We examined the relationship between employee creativity and job performance. Furthermore , we identified two learning-related personal and situational variables—employee learning orientation and transformational leadership—and examined their effects on employee creativity through employee creative self-efficacy. We found that employee creativity was(More)
This communication reports that not only the emission colour but also the photoluminescence quantum yield of Alq3 can be tuned by introducing fluorine atoms at different positions; with fluorination at C-5 the emission is red-shifted with a tremendously decreased intensity, fluorination at C-6 causes a blue-shift with a significantly increased intensity,(More)
Based on Nonaka's knowledge spiral theory, this study conceptualized the four and internalization abilities level owned by team members have positive relationships with knowledge transfer and creation. The completeness of knowledge conversion abilities also has positive relationships with knowledge transfer and creation. Besides, the heterogeneity of(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o We examined the interaction of gender and marital status on attaining mentors among 405 managers and professionals in contrasting Taiwanese and U.S. cultures. In line with social role and signaling theories and the cultural concepts of gender-egalitarianism and individualism/collectivism, married U.S. women had a lower likelihood of(More)
Based on Nonaka's knowledge spiral theory, this study argued the four knowledge creating conceived as four types of knowledge conversion abilities. We developed level, completeness, redundancy, and heterogeneity as four dimensions of team knowledge conversion abilities combination, and explored relationships b etween these dimensions and team learning(More)
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