Jia Cheng

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—Finding top-K influential nodes in social networks has many important applications. Previous work only considered that one node in the network can influence other nodes with a uniform probability, which doesn't take user preferences into account and greatly affects the accuracy of results. We propose a two-stage mining algorithm (GAUP) for mining most(More)
Certain polyphenols inhibit the activity of aromatase, a critical enzyme in estrogen synthesis that is coded by the CYP19A1 gene. Consumption of polyphenol-rich foods and beverages, thus, may interact with CYP19A1 genetic polymorphisms in the development of endometrial cancer. The authors tested this hypothesis in the Shanghai Endometrial Cancer Study(More)
In a population-based case-control study of 832 incident endometrial cancer cases and 846 frequency-matched controls among Chinese women in Shanghai, using a validated food-frequency questionnaire, dietary habits were estimated by in-person interviews. Total vegetable consumption was inversely associated with endometrial cancer risk (highest quartile vs(More)
— Minimizing the task completion time of manipulator systems is essential in order to achieve high productivity. In this paper, this problem is dealt with by utilizing the redundant degrees of freedom (DOF) of a given task and the tool attachment optimization. For example, in a vision-based inspection where a camera is held by a manipulator, the extra DOF(More)
In this paper, a kind of multidisciplinary simulation and design platform for wafer manufacturing process with Chamber system is presented. This platform is developed as an in-house program, with different functional component for multidisciplinary problems, which can drive the commercial FEM solver with code. There are also management function for user,(More)
The 2011 Tohoku earthquake (M w 9.0) in Japan caused significant coseismic displacement in much of eastern China, where seismic activity has been intense and damaging earthquakes numerous. Did the Tohoku earthquake change the stress field and seismic activity in eastern China? Here, we used a viscoelastic deformation model of layered spherical earth to(More)