JiSrg Schroeder

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The femtosecond dynamics of 4-(N,N-dimethylamino)-4'-cyanostilbene (DCS) in acetonitrile and methanol solvent was studied by fluorescence upconversion and pump-probe absorption spectroscopy. The spectral evolution observed provides strong evidence for a fast internal charge-transfer (CT) process dominating the dynamics in the first few picoseconds, while(More)
In the Salish Sea, the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) is a high trophic indicator of ecosystem health. Three major threats have been identified for this population: reduced prey availability, anthropogenic contaminants, and marine vessel disturbances. These perturbations can culminate in significant morbidity and mortality, usually(More)
We prepared emulsions of perfluorinated compounds and examined their utility as liquid matrixes for tonometry in quality control of blood pH and gas analyses. Emulsions of perfluorotributylamine and perfluorodecalin, prepared by sonication, consisted largely of particles not exceeding 0.2 micrometer in diameter. Unlike most aqueous solutions these materials(More)
The aim of this study was to characterize the process of atomization and drying of layer-by-layer emulsions containing lecithin (single layer emulsion) and lecithin/chitosan (bilayer emulsion) and the oxidative stability of the microcapsules during storage. For this purpose, the analysis of the emulsion spray droplet size during two-fluid nozzle and rotary(More)
An approximate expression describing the density dependence of vibrational energy relaxation rates in fluids in terms of thermodynamic and transport parameters of the fluid is developed on the basis of a classical statistical mechanical theory of vibrational energy relaxation of highly excited molecules in polyatomic solvents. The energy relaxation rate is(More)
A hybrid 2D-3D model for the numerical simulation of Gas Tungsten Arc welding is proposed in this paper. It offers the possibility to predict the temperature field as well as the shape of the solidified weld joint for different operating parameters, with relatively good accuracy and reasonable computational cost. Also, an original approach to simulate the(More)
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