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Criteria based on disturbance rejection and system robustness are proposed to assess the performance of PID controllers. A simple robustness measure is defined and the integral gains of the PID controllers are shown to be a good measure for disturbance rejection. An analysis of some well-known PID tuning formulas reveals that the robustness measure should(More)
The characteristics of data stream are infinite data and quick stream speed. Clustering modeling is an important method which link to the effect of clustering technology. A nice modeling method impacts on the performance of data stream mining system. In this paper put forward a model which named Compound Gaussian Mixture Model (CGMM) and the clustering(More)
Multimodel analysis and controller design for nonlinear processes via gap metric is discussed. It is shown that the loop-shaping H∞ approach can integrate the procedure of selecting operating points and the local controller design. The local controllers can guarantee not only stability but also performance specified by the preand/or post-compensators. Thus,(More)
As the development of electric industry, more and more real-time data is sent to databases by data acquisition system and large amounts of data are accumulated. Abundant knowledge exists in those historical data. It is meaning to analyze those historical data in electric industry and find useful knowledge and rules from the mass of data to provide better(More)
The rational determination of operation optimization values is very important to economical analysis and operation optimization in power plant. Based on the correlation of operation data, the economical analysis and operation optimization based on data mining was proposed to guide the operation optimization. The basic structure of economical analysis and(More)
In order to improve boiler efficiency and reduce NOx emissions of a coal-fired boiler, a new solution strategy of combustion optimization is proposed is this paper. The key point of combustion optimization is the optimal setpoints of fuel and air parameters. As the development of electric industry, large amounts of history data are accumulated and data(More)
AIM To compare the expression levels of Foxp3 mRNA in the spleen PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cell) in the progress of aging mice and analyse the relevance with serum IL-10 and TGF-beta. METHODS Healthy male BALB/c mice were divided into 3 groups at random (8 mice each group): 2m group with 2 months mice (young), 6m group with 6 months mice(More)
The determination of the optimal oxygen content is very important in power plant operation optimization. Due to the disadvantages of traditional ways, this paper proposed a new method to decide the optimal oxygen content based on incremental updating data mining. This method could determine the optimal oxygen content and related frequent items by fuzzy(More)