Ji-yong Kwon

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We propose a method to determine camera parameters for character motion, which considers the motion by itself. The basic idea is to approximately compute the area swept by the motion of the character’s links that are orthogonally projected onto the image plane, which we call “motion area”. Using the motion area, we can determine good fixed camera parameters(More)
Motion capture cannot generate cartoon-style animation directly. We emulate the rubber-like exaggerations common in traditional character animation as a means of converting motion capture data into cartoon-like movement. We achieve this using trajectory-based motion exaggeration while allowing the violation of link-length constraints. We extend this(More)
The squash-and-stretch describes the rigidity of the character. This effect is the most important technique in traditional cartoon animation. In this paper, we introduce a method that applies the squash-and-stretch effect to character motion. Our method exaggerates the motion by sequentially applying the spatial exaggeration technique and the temporal(More)
In this paper, we discuss the generation of icons that represent the emotion expressed in music. We use the emotion plane for connecting the music with the icon shape affectively. A model to project arbitrary music on the plane is introduced using the result of a user survey and various features of audio signals. Icon shapes are located on the plane from(More)
만화 애니메이션에서의 물체의 움직임은 사실적인 움직임과 는사뭇다르다. 만화적인움직임은표현력이풍부하고그자 체로 재미있기 때문에 시청자들로 하여금 만화 애니메이션에 보다집중할수있도록만드는힘이있다. 때문에애니메이션 의원칙이제시되어고전애니메이션제작시기부터만화에등 장하는 동작을 표현력있고 재미있게 만드는 방법이 제시되었 다 [1]. 그러나이러한애니메이션원칙은전문적애니메이터 들에게권고하는전략에가까우며계산가능한방법은아니다. 따라서만화애니메이션을쉽게제작하기위한수단으로써,사 실적인 애니메이션의 만화적인 스타일화를 위한 연구는 최근 ∗Extended abstract. 그중요성이계속대두되고있다. 우리는 Wang 등 [2]의 연구에 착안하여 주어진 애니메이(More)
1524-0703/$ see front matter 2012 Elsevier Inc doi:10.1016/j.gmod.2012.02.001 q This paper has been recommended for acceptanc ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +82 2 2123 7755; fa E-mail addresses: shepherd@cs.yonsei.ac.kr (S kangwon.ac.kr (J.-C. Yoon), rinthel@gmail.com (J.-Y. ac.kr (I.-K. Lee). We transform the motion and shape of a video object into cartoon(More)
Video composition is an indispensable technique in the production of many types of videos; nevertheless, it remains challenging problem if the source video is normally captured without a blue or green screen, especially when the object to be pasted between videos does not have a clear boundary (e.g. water, gas, and fire). We will call such a region a(More)