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To solve the problem of Blind Source Separation (BSS) of the communication signals without knowing the source number, we propose a new algorithm based on the second-order statistics. By jointly diagonalizing the time delay correlation matrix of the observed signals and using the improved new non-orthogonal joint diagonalization (NOJD), a better solution of(More)
The preparing process for Sinitang drop pills was optimized by orthogonal test. The results from nine experiments were subjected with three indexes to objective analysis and variance analysis, and an optimum preparing process for Sinitang drop pills was sieved out. The quality of the drop pills prepared in this way was examined to be up to the standard.
As the primary research area of the Multimoda1 Human-computer Interaction, Voice Interaction mainly involves extraction and identification of the natural speech signal, where the former provides the reliable signal sources, which are analyzed by the latter. The speech enhancement technology is studied in this paper, aiming at the Voice Interactive. We(More)
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