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Bacterial extracellular metalloproteases (BEMPs) are a large group of metal-containing proteases secreted by heterotrophic bacteria. In this review, the diversity, structural characteristics, mechanisms of maturation, physiological roles, and applications of BEMPs are described. BEMPs are distributed among nine families of metalloproteases because of(More)
A general and effective method for the synthesis of amides through decarboxylative amidation of α-keto acids with amines has been developed. The reaction proceeded smoothly to afford the corresponding amide products in good yield under air and shows excellent functional group tolerance. In addition, the protocol can be further applied in the synthesis of(More)
Surface-Enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) are potentially important tools in the characterization of biomolecules such as amino acids, complicated peptides and proteins, and even tissues or living cells. Amino acids and small peptides contain different functional groups. Therefore, they are suitable for the investigations of the competitive-interactions of(More)
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