Ji m D. Weaver

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Tooth preparations and seating techniques of castable ceramic crowns differ from metal ceramic crowns. This study evaluated the variable effects of cementation on the marginal adaptation of Dicor, Cerestore, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. The shoulder preparation was maintained for ceramic crowns, and a cavosurface bevel was designed for metal ceramic(More)
To our knowledge, a general, simple, enantioselective method to fully substituted a-sulfonyl acid derivatives does not exist. Typically syntheses of optically active compounds have been racemic and rely on preparatory chiral HPLC to obtain individual stereoisomers.2 Alternatively, modest success at the asymmetric synthesis has been achieved with the use of(More)
The complete mouth reconstruction of a periodontally compromised dentition is a tremendous challenge. Although the treatment is complex, the rewards can be satisfying. In some cases, the use of telescopic copings overcomes several of the problems associated with periodontal prosthetic treatment. This article reviews the advantages and disadvantages in the(More)
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