Ji-bing Liu

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Quantum phase transition is one of the most interesting aspects in quantum many-body systems. Recently, geometric quantum discord has been introduced to signature the critical behavior of various quantum systems. However, it is well-known that topological quantum phase transition can not be described by the conventional Landau's symmetry breaking theory,(More)
A new scheme of five-level hyper V-type atomic system is proposed with the aim of generating slow temporal vector optical solitons. Two transitions in the five-level atomic medium independently interact with the two orthogonally polarized components of a low intensity linear-polarized pulsed probe field, while two other transitions are driven by control(More)
In this paper, we theoretically investigate the propagation properties of probe and mixing fields in a quantum well waveguide. This waveguide is driven by two strong control (pumping and coupling) fields and a weak probe field. Under appropriate parameters condition, the electron spin coherence can suppress the absorption and enhance the nonlinear(More)
The current status and species of Taenia sp. were investigated in Midu County by sedimentation method to examine eggs of Taenia sp. in stool, questionnairing as well as deworming by areca-pumpkin seeds in October-December, 2010. The infection rate of Taenia sp. was 15.7% (65/414). Among the positives, it was fairly high in the age groups of 40- and 50-,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the inhibitory effect of compound cantharides capsules on the proliferation of xenografts of human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG(2215) in mice and their mechanism of action. METHODS One hundred healthy Balb/c mice (5-week old, male:female 1:1) were used in this study. Mouse models of human HepG(2215) hepatocarcinoma were(More)
A simple scheme is proposed to generate a N-qubit W state of spatiall separated single molecule magnets (SMM) in a cavity-fiber-cavity system. In the present scheme, the framework consisting of entangled qubits can be expediently designed according to our needs. By quantitatively discussing the case of N=4, we show that the effects of SMM's spontaneous(More)
It is an important way to massively rear parasitoid wasps by using appropriate methods to treat the wasps' hosts and preserve them for a long duration. Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae Rondani is a pupal parasitoid of several dipteral pests, being of significance for the biological control of the pests. In this paper, housefly pupae were frozen at -20 degrees C,(More)
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