Ji Young Kim

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— This paper presents a robust watermarking method for curves that uses informed-detection. To embed watermarks, the presented algorithm parameterizes a curve using the B-spline model and acquires the control points of the B-spline model. For these control points, 2D mesh are created by applying Delaunay triangulation and then the mesh spectral analysis is(More)
We will introduce a method to get all universal Hermitian lattices over imaginary quadratic fields over Q(√ −m) for all m. For each imaginary quadratic field Q(√ −m), we obtain a criterion on universality of Hermitian lattices: if a Hermitian lattice 15, then L is universal. We call this the fifteen theorem for universal Hermit-ian lattices. Note that the(More)
E-learning refers to the use of telecommunication technology to deliver information for education with a broad array of solutions. In the information age, the central concept of education has switched from teacher-centered to learner-centered education. Many studies proved the advantages of implementing teaching methods to the web environment and the(More)
Healthcare authorities have recognized the potential of information technology (IT) systems to improve the quality of service and provide better patient care. It is not easy to develop software applications that meet quality standards, time pressure, and budget constraints without making a predictive preparation. It is crucial to collect accurate data in a(More)
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