Ji Young Han

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Autophagy is a dynamic cellular pathway involved in the turnover of proteins, protein complexes, and organelles through lysosomal degradation. The integrity of postmitotic neurons is heavily dependent on high basal autophagy compared to non-neuronal cells as misfolded proteins and damaged organelles cannot be diluted through cell division. Moreover, neurons(More)
We apply a rigorous dipole model to analyze the light outcoupling and angular performance of quantum dot light emitting diode (QLED). To illustrate the design principles, we use a red QLED as an example and compare its performance with an organic light emitting diode (OLED). By combining a high refractive index glass substrate with macroextractors, our(More)
Turner syndrome is one of the most common cytogenetic abnormalities. It is known that the Y chromosome or Y derived material is present in 6-9% of TS patient and it may develop a high risk of gonadoblastoma in 15-25%. So it is crucial to carry out cyto genetic analysis and Y-specific probe studies for all persons with gonadal dysgenesis to rule out(More)
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