Ji-Youn Youn

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Bisphenol A [2, 2 bis (4-hydoxyphenyl) propane; BPA] is a widely used endocrine disruptors and has estrogenic activities. Although interests on biological effect of BPA are rising, evidences of its effect on immune system are lacking. We investigated that the effect of BPA on immune parameters to postulate the mechanism, and BPA interruptions between(More)
Since ages, botanical substances are in use for the remedy of diabetes with considerable degree of success. One of the such; an extract of Commelina communis L. (CE-L) after decoction in water has been traditionally used for the treatment of diabetes in Korea. However, its action mechanism has not yet been established. To explore the inside of its(More)
Maximally effective concentrations of vanadate (a phosphotyrosine phosphatase inhibitor) increase glucose transport in muscle less than maximal insulin stimulation. This might be due to vanadate-induced decreased intrinsic activity of GLUT4 accompanying GLUT4 translocation. Thus, the effect of vanadate (NaVO3) on glucose transporter (GLUT4) intrinsic(More)
New thiocolchicine derivatives (1-8) were designed as less toxic anticancer agents possessing the power full anticancer activity of colchicine. The synthesis and biological evaluation of these compounds were described. As a preliminary result of biological in vitro investigation, compounds 1, 6, and 7 showed lower toxicities than that of colchicine in(More)
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