Ji Yong Yang

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We experimentally demonstrate quasi-phase-matched (QPM) four-wave-mixing (FWM) in silicon (Si) nanowire waveguides with sinusoidally modulated width. We perform discrete wavelength conversion over 250 nm, and observe 12 dB conversion efficiency (CE) enhancement for targeted wavelengths more than 100 nm away from the edge of the 3-dB conversion bandwidth.(More)
Trinidad and Tobago has a long history of producing high-quality cacao (Theobroma cacao L.). Cacao genotypes in Trinidad and Tobago are of a highly distinctive kind, the so-called “Trinitario” cultivar group, widely considered to be of elite quality. The origin of Trinitario cacao is unclear, although it is generally considered to be of hybrid origin. We(More)
Inbred stains of mice display differential susceptibility to infection with the common foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes (Lm). Previously, Listr1 and Listr2, two genetic loci that control differential sensitivity to Lm infection between BALB/cByJ and C57BL/6ByJ mice, were identified. To analyze the role of Listr1 in innate immune responses, we(More)
Enhancing the spectral sensitivity of interferometers using slow-light media " , Opt. How to play with the spectral sensitivity of interferometers using slow light concepts and how to do it practically " , Third European Workshop on Ultraslow group velocity and enhanced nonlinear optical effects in a coherently driven hot atomic gas, " Phys. ABSTRACT: A(More)
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