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Eighteen patients with a syndrome of abdominal bloating and discomfort were examined to explore the relationship between their symptoms and their emotional problems. They were compared with 33 patients with Crohn's disease and 38 normal, healthy volunteers. Using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, patients with bloating were found to resemble(More)
Heat capacity (HC) has an important role in the temperature regulation process, particularly in dealing with the heat load. The actual measurement of the body HC is complicated and is generally estimated by body-composition-specific data. This study compared the previously known HC estimating equations and sought how to define HC using simple anthropometric(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper sought to examine perceptual and acoustic characteristics in Korean female voices, focusing on the 'breathy' quality as a function of aging. In addition, we aimed to investigate if the three selected measures, H1-H2, H1-A1, and H1-A3, demonstrated any changes along a sustained vowel production. PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS A total of 42(More)
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