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Sesquiterpene lactones from Inula hookeri.
Four new sesquiterpene lactones were isolated from the whole plants of Inula hookeri C. B. Clarke, and some of the isolates exhibited significant cytotoxicities against these four examined cell lines. Expand
"Omics" in pharmaceutical research: overview, applications, challenges, and future perspectives.
The development and advances in these omics made in the past decades are reviewed, especially genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics; the applications of omics technologies in pharmaceutical research are summarized in the fields of drug target discovery, toxicity evaluation, personalized medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine. Expand
Lanostane-type triterpenoids from Abies faxoniana and their DNA topoisomerase inhibitory activities.
Nine lanostane-type triterpenoids were isolated from branches and leaves of Abies faxoniana, along with 10 known compounds, and one was found to be a selective inhibitor of human topo II activity with an IC50 value of 53.5μM, which was comparable to that of the topo III inhibitor etoposide. Expand
Cytotoxic triterpenoids from Abies recurvata.
Nine triterpenoids including six rearranged lanostanes (1-6) and a rare cycloart-7-ene (7) were isolated from Abies recurvata together with ten known compounds and showed potent anti-proliferative effect against THP-1 tumor cells. Expand
Three new sesquiterpene lactone dimers from Carpesium faberi
Abstract Three new 2,4-linked sesquiterpene lactone dimers (SLDs), faberidilactones F-H ( 1–3 ), have been isolated from Carpesium faberi . Unlike 1 and 2 , 3 was a modified Diels-Alder adduct,Expand
Characterization of chlorinated valepotriates from Valeriana jatamansi.
Chlorovaltrates K-N, chlorovaltrate and rupesin B showed moderate cytotoxicity against lung adenocarcinoma, metastatic prostate cancer, colon cancer, and hepatoma cell lines with IC₅₀ values of 0.89-9.76 μM. Expand
The anti-inflammatory activities of an extract and compounds isolated from Platycladus orientalis (Linnaeus) Franco in vitro and ex vivo.
The data indicate that the inhibitory effects of the CHL and its components (hinokiol and acacetin) on 5-LOX contribute to the anti-inflammatory activity of LPO and provide a rationale for LPO's traditional applications in the treatment of inflammatory airway diseases. Expand
Carpedilactones A-D, four new isomeric sesquiterpene lactone dimers with potent cytotoxicity from Carpesium faberi.
Four new isomeric sesquiterpene lactone dimers, carpedilactones A-D (1-4), were isolated from the acetonic extract of Carpesium faberi. Among them, 1-3 are the first three 2,4-linked exo-Diels-AlderExpand
Four new isomeric sesquiterpene lactone dimers from Carpesium faberi
Abstract Four new isomeric sesquiterpene lactone dimers (SLDs), guaianodilactones A–D ( 1 – 4 ), were isolated from Carpesium faberi . Among them, 1 – 3 were exo -1,3-linked, while 4 was the endoExpand
Three decomposition products of valepotriates from Valeriana jatamansi and their cytotoxic activity
Three new decomposition products of valepotriates, valtrals A–C (1–3), and two known products, baldrinal and homobaldrinal, are formed during the isolation procedure of the ethanol extract of theExpand