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Wireless sensor networks promise an unprecedented opportunity to monitor physical environments via inexpensive wireless embedded devices. Given the sheer amount of sensed data, efficient classification of them becomes a critical task in many sensor network applications. The large scale and the stringent energy constraints of such networks however challenge(More)
Generating laterally ordered, ultradense, macroscopic arrays of nanoscopic elements will revolutionize the microelectronic and storage industries. We used faceted surfaces of commercially available sapphire wafers to guide the self-assembly of block copolymer microdomains into oriented arrays with quasi-long-range crystalline order over arbitrarily large(More)
Cross-lingual voice transformation is challenging when source language (L1) and target language (L2) are very different in corresponding phonetics and prosodies. We propose a frame mapping based HMM approach to this problem. The source speaker's speech data is first warped in frequency toward the target speaker by mapping corresponding formants of selected(More)
In the bulk, block copolymers (BCPs) self assemble into ordered morphologies, having spherical, cylindrical, lamellar, or bicon-tinuous gyroid microdomains, where the molecular weight of the BCP dictates the sizes of the microdomains formed. In thin films, controlling the orientation and lateral ordering of the micro-domains has enabled the use of these(More)
Recent work demonstrates impressive success of the bottleneck (BN) feature in speech recognition, particularly with deep networks plus appropriate pre-training. A widely admitted advantage associated with the BN feature is that the network structure can learn multiple environmental conditions with abundant training data. For tasks with limited training(More)
Big data is the term for a collection of datasets so huge and complex that it becomes difficult to be processed using on-hand theoretical models and technique tools. Brain big data is one of the most typical, important big data collected using powerful equipments of functional magnetic resonance imaging, multichannel electroencephalography,(More)