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In a distributed processing environment, the static placement of query operators may result in unsatisfactory system performance due to unpredictable factors such as changes of servers' load, data arrival rates, etc. The problem is exacerbated for continuous (and long running) monitoring queries over data streams as any suboptimal placement will affect the(More)
Recently, a new clustering method called maximum margin clustering (MMC) was proposed and has shown promising performances. It was originally formulated as a difficult nonconvex integer problem. To make the MMC problem practical, the researchers either relaxed the original MMC problem to inefficient convex optimization problems or reformulated it to(More)
Preimplantation embryo development involves four stages: fertilization, cell cleavage, morula and blastocyst formation. During these stages, maternal and zygotic epigenetic factors play crucial roles. The gene expression profile is changed dramatically, chromatin is modified and core histone elements undergo significant changes. Each preimplantation embryo(More)
In this paper we propose a Bayesian based mutual information technique for image registration, combined with an established affine transformation model. Classical affine models allow the images to be approximately aligned. However, inefficiency and inaccuracy has appeared when using these affine models in rigorous circumstances, such as low-resolution(More)