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— In this letter, we propose two simple OFDM mean delay estimation schemes, channel impulse response (CIR)-based and differential schemes, which are applicable for adaptive algorithms including improved channel estimation and fast handover. Instead of time-domain processing requiring additional inverse fast Fourier transform (IFFT), the mean delay can be(More)
—The performance of channel estimation in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems significantly depends on the pilot signal, which is usually scattered in time and frequency domains. For a given pilot density, the authors optimally design the pilot pattern so as to minimize the mean squared error (MSE) of the channel estimate with the use(More)
—The efficient service of a tremendous number of machine-type devices with heterogeneous traffic types may consider simple random access as a solution. For more rigorous analysis of system performance in multicell environments, it is required to consider not only the packet collisions within the same cell but also the interference from other cells. This(More)
The performance of channel estimation in OFDM systems significantly depends on the pilot signal, which is usually scattered in the time and frequency domains. For a given pilot density, we analytically design the optimum pilot pattern that minimizes the mean square error of the channel estimate obtained with the use of general interpolators. The analytic(More)
—When a preamble signal is repeated multiple times in OFDM systems, we derive joint maximum likelihood (ML) estimation of the frame timing (FT) and carrier frequency offset (CFO). Unlike conventional estimators which use correlation of adjacent repetition patterns only or some specific sets of patterns, the joint ML estimation exploits correlation of any(More)
– In order to achieve the goals of business, various channel of communications to customers have to be developed through technology. In the present day banking, total automation of banking operation and is an imperative for all banks to attract more customers, provide efficient service and survive the competition ,apart from achieving the profit ,which is(More)
During microRNA (miRNA) biogenesis, one strand of a 21-23 nucleotide RNA duplex is preferentially selected for entry into an RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). The other strand, known as the miRNA* species, is typically thought to be degraded. Previous studies have provided miRNA* selection models, but it remains unclear how the dominance of one arm(More)
—In this letter, we propose a soft-decoding ML MIMO demodulation method that lowers the complexity of the existing ML method. The proposed method finds the nearest point without calculating the Euclidean distance by exploiting the regular structure of bit-to-symbol mapping. It enables significant reduction of the number of distance calculations which is a(More)