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Increasing evidence has emerged for non-random spatial distributions of microbes, but knowledge of the processes that cause variation in microbial assemblage among ecosystems is lacking. For instance, some studies showed that deterministic processes such as habitat specialization are important, while other studies hold that bacterial communities are(More)
The modern Indian summer monsoon (ISM) is characterized by exceptionally strong interhemispheric transport, indicating the importance of both Northern and Southern Hemisphere processes driving monsoon variability. Here, we present a high-resolution continental record from southwestern China that demonstrates the importance of interhemispheric forcing in(More)
It is widely accepted that biodiversity is lower in more extreme environments. In this study, we sought to determine whether this trend, well documented for macroorganisms, also holds at the microbial level for bacteria. We used denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) with phylum-specific primers to quantify the taxon richness (i.e., the DGGE band(More)
The present study analysed the distribution of subfossil chironomid larval head caspules in a suite of surface sediment samples from a large deep subtropical lake, i.e. Lugu lake, located in Southwest China. In order to identify the relationships between environmental variables and the chironomid assemblages ordination methods were used. A total of 41(More)
Two groups of antimicrobial peptides have been isolated from skin secretions of Bombina maxima. Peptides in the first group, named maximins 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, are structurally related to bombinin-like peptides (BLPs). Unlike BLPs, sequence variations in maximins occurred all through the molecules. In addition to the potent antimicrobial activity,(More)
In the present study, the contribution of pertussis toxin (PTX)-sensitive G(i/o)-proteins to opioid tolerance and mu-opioid receptor down-regulation in the mouse were examined. Mice were injected once intracerebroventricularly and intrathecally with PTX (0.1 microg/site). Controls were treated with saline. On the 10th day following PTX treatment, continuous(More)
In this paper, we propose a new image quality assessment method based on a hybrid of curvelet, wavelet, and cosine transforms called hybrid no-reference (HNR) model. From the properties of natural scene statistics, the peak coordinates of the transformed coefficient histogram of filtered natural images occupy well-defined clusters in peak coordinate space,(More)
Filamins are important actin cross-linking proteins implicated in scaffolding, membrane stabilization and signal transduction, through interaction with ion channels, receptors and signaling proteins. Here we report the physical and functional interaction between filamins and polycystin-2, a TRP-type cation channel mutated in 10-15% patients with autosomal(More)
In order to support real-time video, audio and data communication among heterogeneous third generation (3G) handsets, 3G phones/terminals are required to support 3G-324M, the multimedia transmission protocol stack for 3G communication. This paper discusses some efficient approaches and experiences in the implementation of 3G-324M protocol stack.(More)