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Increasing evidence has emerged for non-random spatial distributions of microbes, but knowledge of the processes that cause variation in microbial assemblage among ecosystems is lacking. For instance, some studies showed that deterministic processes such as habitat specialization are important, while other studies hold that bacterial communities are(More)
Although phylogenetic approaches are useful for providing insights into the processes underlying biodiversity patterns, the studies of microbial phylogenetic relatedness are rare, especially for elevational gradients. Using high-throughput pyrosequencing, we examined the biodiversity patterns for biofilm bacterial communities that were scraped from stream(More)
Recent studies have revealed important and versatile roles that Archaea play in a wide variety of environmental processes on Earth. In this study, we investigated the abundance and diversity of archaeal communities in lake water and a 5 m sediment core collected from Qinghai Lake on the Tibetan Plateau, north-western China. An integrated approach was(More)
Major earthquakes often result in incalculable environmental damage, loss of life, and threats to health. Tremendous progress has been made in response to many medical challenges resulting from earthquakes. However, emergency medical rescue is complicated, and great emphasis should be placed on its organisation to achieve the best results. The 2008 Wenchuan(More)
As a diagenetic progress, bioturbation influences solute exchange across the sediment-water interface (SWI). Different benthic animals have various mechanical activities in sediment, thereby they may have different effects on solute exchange across the SWI. This laboratory study examined the impacts of different benthic animals on phosphorus dynamics across(More)
Fish introduction, eutrophication and disappearance of aquatic vegetation are important disturbances of aquatic ecosystems, especially in plateau lakes, which are generally considered to be very vulnerable. Fish were introduced to Lake Dianchi, a eutrophic plateau lake in southwest China, in the late 1950s and 1970s. After the introduction, invasive fish(More)
We analyze a nonlinear pricing model with limited information. Each buyer can purchase a large variety, <i>d</i>, of goods. His preference for each good is represented by a scalar and his preference over <i>d</i> goods is represented by a <i>d</i>-dimensional vector. The type space of each buyer is given by a compact subset of <i>R<sup>d</sup></i>+ with a(More)
The processes underlying the phylogenetic structure of the biotic communities are typically scale-dependent and thus often poorly resolved. Illustrated by the study of macroorganisms, it is suggested that the relative influence of ecological processes on the phylogenetic structure of the communities can be inferred by the geographical definition of the(More)
Lake Taihu is one of the most contaminated lakes in China. Surface sediment data show that the northern area of the Lake has the worst heavy metals pollution, and high heavy metal concentrations were attributed to discharge of untreated and partially treated industrial waste water from cities to the north of the lake. To study geochemical features and(More)