Ji-Rong Ren

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In Phys. Rev. D 78 (2008) 104018 [arXiv:0807.1481], the conclusion that “entropy eigenvalues of GB black hole are discrete and equally spaced, but the area spacing is not equidistant” was firstly presented by Kothawala, Padmanabhan and Sarkar. In this paper, using the new physical interpretation of quasinormal modes proposed by Maggiore, we calculate the(More)
Motivated by the recent work on the fermion resonances on scalar-constructed thick branes (arXiv:0901.3543 and arXiv:0904.1785), we extend the idea to multi-scalar generated thick branes and complete previous work. The fermion localization and resonances on the three-field and two-field thick branes are investigated. With the Numerov method, our numerical(More)
Biomedical engineering is a unique area that allows fusion between two distinct fields of engineering and medicine. The integration of efforts from both fields promises progress through acquisition of information from tissues, cells, and organs through non-invasive methods of assessment. Here we investigate the ability of a hyperspectral device in(More)
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