Ji-Kyung Ko

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Pericentric inversion of chromosome 4 can give rise to 2 alternate recombinant (rec) chromosomesby duplication or deletion of 4p. The deletion of distal 4p manifests as Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS). Here, we report the molecular cytogenetic findings and clinical manifestations observed in an infant with 46,XX,rec(4)dup(4q)inv(4)(p16q31.3)pat. The infant(More)
Carcinosarcomas of the uterine cervix are extremely rare. Cervical carcinosarcoma can be characterized by having two different origins: the Müllerian ducts and the mesonephric duct remnants. A 53-year-old Korean woman was admitted to the hospital because of pelvic mass detected on computed tomography scan done at private clinic. A Radical hysterectomy with(More)
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