Ji-Hwan Park

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Digital watermarking has been considered as an important technique to protect the copyright of digital content. For a digital wa-termarking method to be effective, it is essential that a watermark embedded in a still or moving image resists against various attacks ranging from compression, filtering to cropping. As JPEG is a dominant still image compression(More)
A variety of devices are used for robot control such as personal computers or other human interface devices, haptic devices, and so on. However, sometimes it is not easy to select a device which fits the specific character of varied kinds of robots while at the same time increasing the user's convenience. Under these circumstances, in this study, we have(More)
—This paper offers a study on Rayleigh channel capacity of opportunistic cooperative networks in conjunction with adaptive transmission where the source adapts its rate and/or power level according to the changing channel conditions while the best relay simply amplifies and forwards the signals. To this end, the upper and lower bound of the end-to-end(More)
Microglia plays an important role in inflammation-mediated neurodegeneration. Compelling evidence supports the hypothesis that microglial activation contributes to the pathogenesis of various neurodegenerative diseases. However, little is known about the molecular outcome of activated microglia. In this report, we investigate the molecular consequences of(More)