Ji Hwan Chun

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Oscillation Based Test (OBT) techniques in the past have focussed on detecting the existence of catastrophic and parametric faults. Recent work on Predictive Oscillation Based Test (POBT) has used OBT techniques to predict the performance parameters of the Circuit Under Test (CUT). However, this technique cannot be used to predict the performance parameters(More)
Signatures used in low-cost schemes for testing analog and mixed-signal circuits do not directly represent or characterize the behavior of the device-under-test (DUT), since the lossy compression or complicated mathematical relations used can result in the loss of physical performance information. We develop a novel scheme where the signature is generated(More)
— Accurate generation of circuit specifications from test signatures is a difficult problem, since analytical expressions cannot precisely describe the nonlinear relationships between signatures and specification. In addition, it is difficult to precisely control physical factors in Built-in Self-test (BIST) circuitry, which can cause errors in the(More)
Our method extracts the linearity of on-chip high speed data converters with minimum area overhead. With a loop-back setup in the presence of noise, differential nonlinearities (DNLs) and integral nonlinearities (INLs) of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) can be extracted by the proposed method. Our approach(More)
This paper describes a delay measurement method using a shrinking clock signal. The shrinking clock is generated from an AND operation on two clock signals having slightly different periods, which are provided by an external tester. Instead of measuring the number of clocks before it vanishes, another AND operation is utilized to reduce the size of the(More)
Timing problems in high-speed serial communications are mitigated with phase-interpolator (PI) circuitry. Linearity testing of PI has been challenging, even though PI is widely used in modern high speed I/O architectures. Previous research has focused on implementing additional built-in circuits to measure PI linearity. In this paper, we present a cost(More)
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