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—This paper proposes a method for controlling an object with parallel surfaces in a horizontal plane by a pair of finger robots. The control method can achieve stable grasping, relative orientation control, and relative position control of the grasped object. The control inputs require neither any object parameters nor any object sensing, such as tactile(More)
— This paper is concerned with construction of a mathematical model for a class of lumped-parameter dynamics of a pair of robot fingers with soft and deformable tips pinching a rigid object. It is then shown that, in the case of a pair of planer fingers with two and three joints and a 2-D rigid object with parallel or non-parallel flat surfaces, there(More)
— This paper focuses on the Riemannian distance and its application to skilled-motion plannings for the system. The Riemannian distance from one pose to another and vice versa is defined as the minimum curve-length measured by the Riemannian metric based upon the system inertia matrix among all curves connecting the two poses. The minimum-length curve in(More)