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Differential evolution (DE) is a novel evolutionary approach capable of handling non-differentiable, nonlinear and multi-modal objective functions. Previous studies have shown that DE is an efficient, effective and robust evolutionary algorithm, but usually it takes large computational time for optimizing the computationally expensive objective function,(More)
OBJECTIVE Glucocorticoid receptor alpha (GRalpha) is crucial for glucocorticoids (GC) to carry out their physiological and pharmacological roles. Studies have shown the disorder of GR-GC systems in autoimmune diseases. Our study was performed to test the relationship between GRalpha expression and disease activity of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). (More)
AIM To study the NKT cell subsets and their differentiation. METHODS Splenic lymphocytes from C57BL/J mice that had received SEB treatment were collected as effector cells on the 10(th) day. The cells were cultured in medium containing ConA, LPS and IL-2 for 3 days and measured their response to mitogens and cytokine. The inhibitory action of the effector(More)
Narcolepsy is a crippling sleep disorder with a prevalence rate of 0.03–0.16% in the general population across the world [1]. It has serious impacts on academic, family, mental, and social functioning [2,3]. Apart from the hallmark clinical symptoms of daytime sleepiness and cataplexy, overnight polysomnography (PSG) followed by multiple sleep latency test(More)
Neuroinflammation- and neurodegeneration-induced nerve injury may represent important components of neuropsychiatric lupus (NPSLE). Myelin-associated neurite outgrowth inhibitor (Nogo)-a and its receptor, NgR1, limit recovery of the adult central nervous system after injury. We detected a soluble Nogo-a product in the cerebral spinal fluid of patients with(More)
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