Ji Hua

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In this paper we describe a web enabled remote lab (R-Lab) framework that facilitates remote access to a physical laboratory. This framework enables us to bridge time, space, work force and safety constraints imposed by real laboratory experiments. We have implemented and deployed the R-Lab framework in a Computer Networks lab that includes networking(More)
This paper presents a simulation method of modularization design for brushless DC motors (BLDCM). Based on the mathematical model of BLDCM, some isolated functional blocks, including BLDCM body block, speed PI controller block, current hysteresis controller block, current reference block, inverter block and commutation logic block, have been modeled in(More)
References to anatomical entities in medical records consist not only of explicit references to anatomical locations, but also other diverse types of expressions, such as specific diseases, clinical tests, clinical treatments, which constitute implicit references to anatomical entities. In order to identify these implicit anatomical entities, we propose a(More)
A new rotor position detecting method for sensorless brushless DC motor (BLDCM), speed-independent position function, is proposed in this paper. The principle of this method is discussed in detail. Depending on the powerful operation function of digital signal processing (DSP), the speed-independent position function G(thetas) is determined by analyzing the(More)
With the development of distributed system, there are many resources coexisted in the network environment. To a special kind of service, there may exist some relationships among many servers, such as equalservice, superservice and subservice. In this paper, we define this phenomenon as <i>Multiserver</i> system. Besides, We discuss the problems in(More)
The work of tax revenue forecast is very important. Current revenue forecast system in our country has just begun, so compared with foreign country, there is a larger gap. Theutility of tax forecast system is still relatively low-level for decision-making reference. In this paper, we propose an intelligent forecast system. By means of advanced machin(More)
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