Ji-Hoon Cho

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In this paper the analysis for WCDMA downlink capacity is presented for a real service environment at Yeouido, Seoul, Korea which is considered as a typical high rise building environment. Ray-tracing technique is used to predict site-specific sector averaged pathlosses not only from the desired node B but also from undesired node Bs to scattered receiver(More)
The molecular circuits by which antigens activate quiescent T cells remain poorly understood. We combined temporal profiling of the whole proteome and phosphoproteome via multiplexed isobaric labeling proteomics technology, computational pipelines for integrating multi-omics datasets, and functional perturbation to systemically reconstruct regulatory(More)
Proteogenomics is an emerging approach to improve gene annotation and interpretation of proteomics data. Here we present JUMPg, an integrative proteogenomics pipeline including customized database construction, tag-based database search, peptide-spectrum match filtering, and data visualization. JUMPg creates multiple databases of DNA polymorphisms,(More)
Isobaric labeling quantification by mass spectrometry (MS) has emerged as a powerful technology for multiplexed large-scale protein profiling, but measurement accuracy in complex mixtures is confounded by the interference from coisolated ions, resulting in ratio compression. Here we report that the ratio compression can be essentially resolved by the(More)
The mind bomb 1 (Mib1) ubiquitin ligase is essential for controlling metazoan development by Notch signaling and possibly the Wnt pathway. It is also expressed in postmitotic neurons and regulates neuronal morphogenesis and synaptic activity by mechanisms that are largely unknown. We sought to comprehensively characterize the Mib1 interactome and study its(More)
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