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Kineograph is a distributed system that takes a stream of incoming data to construct a continuously changing graph, which captures the relationships that exist in the data feed. As a computing platform, Kineograph further supports graph-mining algorithms to extract timely insights from the fast-changing graph structure. To accommodate graph-mining(More)
  • Li Yi, Ji Hong
  • 2007
Cooperative communication has emerged as a promising technique to enhance system reliability and performances in resource-limited wireless networks. In this paper, we propose a novel cooperative MAC strategy for slow fading Ad hoc networks. Based on cooperative MAC (CMAC) protocol and node cooperative stop and wait (NCSW) ARQ protocol, our node-cooperative(More)
Labeling schemes lie at the core of query processing for many tree-structured data such as XML data that is flooding the web. A labeling scheme that can simultaneously and efficiently support various relationship queries on trees (such as parent/children, descendant/ancestor, etc.), computation of lowest common ancestors (LCA) and update of trees, is(More)
The lateral corticospinal tract is the major motor pathway in humans. The role of this tract on walking, however, is uncertain. The development of diffusion tensor tractography enables corticospinal tract status to be visualized at the subcortical level. In the present study, we undertook to demonstrate that some stroke patients can walk despite complete(More)
BACKGROUND Next generation sequencing platforms have greatly reduced sequencing costs, leading to the production of unprecedented amounts of sequence data. BWA is one of the most popular alignment tools due to its relatively high accuracy. However, mapping reads using BWA is still the most time consuming step in sequence analysis. Increasing mapping(More)
Current research on wireless TCP always assumes that link layer utilizes the hybrid ARQ scheme without packet combining for error recovery. However, there are two other hybrid ARQ schemes with packet combining used to recover error at link layer. Little attention is paid to how the two schemes affect the wireless TCP. In this paper, we study the effect of(More)
Recent studies have investigated a novel software paradigm that enables program decomposition and dynamic partitioning for cloud gaming system. Among the challenges for the proposed software architecture, to design and implement the decomposed software, which follows the platform's specification, is most critical in practice. In this work, we investigate a(More)