Ji-Hong Zheng

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To unravel the temporal features of the peripheral tissue injury induced persistent nociceptive discharge, single wide dynamic range (WDR) unit activity was recorded extracellularly in lumbar dorsal horn of anesthetized rats and interspike interval (ISI) series were obtained. Subcutaneous (s.c.) bee venom (BV) injection induced persistent discharge of(More)
Persistent discharge of wide dynamic range (WDR) neurons was recorded from lumbar dorsal horn of anesthetized rats following subcutaneous bee venom injection into the receptive field. To quantitatively describe the complexity of this nociceptive activity, we computed the approximate entropy (ApEn) for each sampled interspike interval (ISI) series. A larger(More)
To demonstrate the age-related changes in the dynamics of the nociceptive discharge of dorsal horn nociceptive neurons, the nonlinear prediction method was used to quantify the degree of deterministic behavior within the interspike interval series of tissue injury-induced firing of spinal nociceptive neurons in anesthetized adult young (3-4 months) and aged(More)
In this demonstration, we port our current Connect6 program, NCTU6, to mobile devices, such as iOS devices, Android devices. However, computing powers of mobile devices are also relatively weaker when compared with high-end machines. For example, the CPU speeds of mobile devices are about 1/5 to 1/8 of those of desktops, and the memory of mobile devices is(More)
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