Ji Hong Chang

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Antigen delivery using nanoparticles becomes useful and novel strategy to develop immunotherapeutic approaches against cancer. In the current study, we examined the feasibility of SPIONs-mediated delivery of antigenic peptides to local tumor for application to cancer immunotherapy. SPIONs carrying murine melanoma antigens, hgp100(25-33) were prepared and(More)
OBJECTIVES The mixture-of-experts (ME) network uses a modular type of neural network architecture optimized for supervised learning. This model has been applied to a variety of areas related to pattern classification and regression. In this research, we applied a ME model to classify hidden subgroups and test its significance by measuring the stiffness of(More)
The effective phase transfer of hydrophobic nanocrystals synthesized in nonpolar solvents into polar solvents remains great challenge for their nanomedicinal applications. To resolve this issue, the exsiting strategies for phase transfer of nanocrystals in organic solvents use amphiphilic compounds or lipids as imperative moieties by ligand exchange and(More)
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