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Effect of Chinese Medicine Jiangzhi Granula on Hepaticlipid of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Rats
Objective:To investigate the effect of Chinese medicine Jiangzhi Granulas on hepaticlipid of nonalcoholic fatty Liver disease(NAFLD)rat.Methods:The NAFLD SD rat model was established by high fatExpand
Clinical study of "Jiangzhi Granule" and behavioral intervention for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease of phlegm and blood-stasis syndrome
Objective To evaluate the curative effect of "Jiangzhi Granule" and behavioral intervention on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease(NAFLD) of phlegm and blood-stasis syndrome.Methods A randomized blockExpand
Effect of chinese medicine Complex prescriptions of different cure laws on PAI-1 mRNA of cholestasis-induced liver fibrosis rat
Objective:To study the effects of the Chinese medicine complex prescriptions(Erzhiwas,Shixiaosan and Erzhiwan compound with Shixiaosan(ECS)on cholestasis-induced liver fibrosis rat'sExpand
Determination of Puerarin,Baicalin,Baicalein and Wogonin in Qinggan Huoxue Recipe by HPLC
OBJECTIVE To establish a quantitative method simultaneously for the determination of puerarin,baicalin,baicalein and wogonin in Qinggan Huoxue recipe by HPLC.METHODS The separation was performed onExpand
Decade Research Progress and Development Trend of Complex Prescription Compatibility of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Abstract Complex prescription is the primary therapeutic method of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is a key influencing factor in prescription compatibility. During the past decade,Expand
Systematic review of treating nonalcoholic fatty liver with taking TCM orally:A clinical randomized controlled trial
Objective: To systematic review the clinical effectiveness and safety of treating nonalcoholic fatty liver with taking Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) orally.Methods: Referring to the method ofExpand
Isolation and Determination of Protostemonine in Radix Stemonae
OBJECTIVE To study the quantitative determination method for Radix Stemonae.METHODS Protostemonine was isolated from Radix Stemonae with silica gel column chromatography. HPLC was used to determineExpand
Therapeutic effect of Qiangganjiaonang on nonalcoholic rat fatty liver by increasing the expression of liver leptin receptor and P-JAK2/P-STAT3
[Objective]To study the effect of Qiangganjiaonang on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats,and on the expression of leptin receptor mRNA,P-JAK2 and P-STAT3 in the liver.[Methods]Male ratExpand
Clinical and Experimental Research on Two Granules in Treatment of Chronic Virus Hepatitis B
The clinical and experimental study on chronic virus hepatitis B treated by Astragalus-Hepatitis B Heat-Clarifying and Detoxifying Granules,Hepatitis B Yin-Tonifying and Blood-Activating Granules wasExpand
Voltage-dependent sodium ion channels and nociception
It has been generaly accepted that the activation of nociceptors leads to the sensation of pain. Many experiments show that changes of nociceptors sensitivity are related to some ion channels. TheExpand