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This paper addresses the problem of estimating the odor path which is most likely taken by the odor patch detected by the concentration sensor on a mobile robot moving in an indoor dynamic airflow environment. The odor path estimation is useful for plume tracing and odor source declaration. A novel algorithm for odor path likelihood mapping in the dynamic(More)
A bionic plume tracing method named the Surge-S algorithm is proposed for robot odor source localization problems in outdoor time-varying airflow environment. The rapid change of wind direction in the outdoor environment leads to a fact that the odor plume released from the odor source are changing quickly, winding and intermittent. In this case, the robot(More)
This paper addresses the problem of single odor source declaration in outdoor time-variant airflow environments using a mobile robot. The airflow velocity (including the magnitude and direction) changes fast in outdoor environments, so it is not easy to determine whether a possible source is the true source or not. To identify the possible source under the(More)
The odor source localization using a mobile robot in time-variant airflow-field environment is considered. A novel estimation-based plume tracing method is proposed in this paper. Based on the odor-patch path estimated by the flow information when odor clues are found, a searching route is planned for the mobile robot to trace the plume. To have fair and(More)
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