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The nasal septum plays an important role in both the appearance and function of the nose. Deviation of the nose is common and correction requires a focused, anatomically based treatment. Reconstruction and support of the septum is a necessary component to a straight nose. The "four R's" of nasal septal repair--resection, reposition, reconstruction, and(More)
Underwater acoustic communication can be applied to many fields, such as oceanic data collection, undersea exploration, disaster prevention, underwater environmental monitoring, and tactical surveillance. Underwater environmental monitoring system is one of basic technologies in these application fields. Therefore, there is a growing need for researching(More)
UMO (Underwater Moving Object) based on underwater acoustic communication can be useful for underwater environment observation, catastrophe prevention, ocean resources exploration, ocean organism research, vessel sinking exploration, and etc. But, for controlling the UMO underwater acoustic communication has constraints due to limited transmission capacity,(More)
Chitosan, a natural and biocompatible cationic polymer, is an attractive carrier for small interfering RNA (siRNA) delivery. The purpose of this study was to develop a chitosan-based hybrid nanocomplex that exhibits enhanced physical stability in the bloodstream compared with conventional chitosan complexes. Hybrid nanocomplexes composed of chitosan,(More)
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