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Pilot studies for phase III trials - which are comparative randomized trials designed to provide preliminary evidence on the clinical efficacy of a drug or intervention - are routinely performed in many clinical areas. Also commonly know as "feasibility" or "vanguard" studies, they are designed to assess the safety of treatment or interventions; to assess(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous reviews of the effect of oral antidiabetic (OAD) agents on A1C levels summarized studies with varying designs and methodological approaches. Using predetermined methodological criteria, we evaluated the effect of OAD agents on A1C levels. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The Excerpta Medica (EMBASE), the Medical Literature Analysis and(More)
BACKGROUND Femoral nerve blockade (FNB) is a common method of analgesia for postoperative pain control after total knee arthroplasty. We conducted a systematic review to compare the analgesia outcomes in randomized controlled trials that compared FNB (with and without sciatic nerve block) with epidural and patient-controlled analgesia (PCA). METHODS We(More)
PURPOSE Gabapentin was investigated as a single-dose adjunct to morphine for postoperative pain management. The primary objective was to determine if gabapentin given preoperatively and for two days postoperatively as part of multimodal analgesia would decrease postoperative morphine consumption in patients undergoing primary total hip arthroplasty (THA).(More)
This article reports the investigation of mechanical properties of alginate-chitosan microcapsules and the relation to protein delivery. For microscale compression testing, a system based on a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) capacitive force sensor was developed. The bulk microfabricated capacitive force sensors are capable of resolving forces up to(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this randomized controlled trial was to evaluate the risk of hyponatremia following administration of a isotonic (0.9% saline) compared to a hypotonic (0.45% saline) parenteral maintenance solution (PMS) for 48 hours to postoperative pediatric patients. METHODS Surgical patients 6 months to 16 years of age with an expected(More)
BACKGROUND There is uncertainty over the risks and benefits of hormone therapy. We performed a Bayesian meta-analysis to evaluate the effect of hormone therapy on total mortality in younger postmenopausal women. This analysis synthesizes evidence from different sources, taking into account varying views on the issue. METHODS A comprehensive search from(More)
CONTEXT In patients with suspected lower extremity deep vein thrombosis (DVT), compression ultrasound (CUS) is typically the initial test to confirm or exclude DVT. Patients with an initial negative CUS result often require repeat CUS after 5 to 7 days. Whole-leg CUS may exclude proximal and distal DVT in a single evaluation. OBJECTIVE To determine the(More)
INTRODUCTION It has been postulated that inhaled long acting beta-agonists (LABAs) when used as monotherapy in asthma may increase the incidence of asthma related deaths, intubations and hospitalizations, but concomitant use of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) may modify this effect. OBJECTIVES To assess the safety of formoterol in patients with asthma using(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the feasibility of conducting a longitudinal prospective study to evaluate functional recovery and predictors of impaired functional recovery in critically ill children. DESIGN Prospective pilot study. SETTING Single-center PICU at McMaster Children's Hospital, Hamilton, Canada. PATIENTS Children aged 12 months to 17 years, with(More)