Ji Cang Zhou

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We have analysed 198 fast-growing soybean-nodulating rhizobial strains from four different regions of China for the following characteristics: generation time; number of plasmids; lipopolysaccharide (LPS), nodulation factors (LCOs) and PCR profiles; acidification of growth medium; capacity to grow at acid, neutral, and alkaline pH; growth on LC medium;(More)
A series of 4'-(R)-hydroxy-5'-(S)-hydroxymethyl-tetrahydrofuranyl purines and pyrimidines were synthesized by the reaction of 3,4-epoxy-5-(S,trans)-dimethoxymethyl-tetrahydrofuran and nucleobases under the catalysis of potassium tert-butoxide and 18-crown-6. Compounds 6a, 6c and 7b have shown significant inhibition on the growth of HL-60 cells. The(More)
  • R Richesson, Young K Malloy, +497 authors Grotta Jc
  • 2016
Resources are listed by consortium and publication type and sorted by date. JAMA Style. A contact registry for persons with rare diseases: a tool for recruiting and retaining participants in a clinical research network. A contact registry for persons with rare diseases: a tool for recruiting and retaining. automated contact registry for persons with rare(More)
The clinical usefulness of Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (rhG-CSF, Filgrastim, GRAN) was evaluated in patients with leukopenia and neutropenia following chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, lung cancer and breast cancer. During chemotherapy when patients' leukocyte count (WBC) fell below 4.0 x 10(9)/L.rhG-CSF(GRAN) at a dose of(More)
  • J C Zhou
  • 1991
A prospective randomized trial in 64 esophageal cancer patients was conducted from 1986 to 1989. The patients were randomized into two groups-PPF (DDP 100 mg/m2 + pingyangmycin + 5-FU) regimen plus radiotherapy (combined group) or radiotherapy alone (control group). The overall response rate and CR rate in the combined group were 87.5% (28/32) and 40.6%(More)
One hundred and six consecutive small cell lung cancer patients were treated by a combination regimen COMVp (CTX 1,000-1,400 mg IV D 1,8; VCR 1-2 mg IV D 1,8; MTX 20-40 mg IV or IM D 3,5,10,12; VP-16 100 mg IV drip D 3-7; three weeks as a cycle and 2-3 cycles as a course) in our hospital during 1983 to 1984. Among the 95 patients who were evaluated, 10(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the specificity and sensitivity of SjMAg in detecting specific antibodies in sera of patients with schistosomiasis japonica and in assessing therapeutic efficacy. METHODS SjMAg-ELISA was used to determine the specific IgG and IgG4 in sera of patients with schistosomiasis japonica at different time points after chemotherapy. RESULTS(More)