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A simple and highly selective 2,2-diferrocenylpropane-based multi-channel ion pair receptor for Pb(2+) and HSO4(-).
The ion pair receptor 1 showed excellent selectivity and sensitivity towards Pb(2+) with multi-channel responses: a fluorescence enhancement, a notable color change from yellow to red, redox anodic shift, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Expand
Design, synthesis and anion recognition of ferrocene-based benzimidazolium receptors
Abstract A series of novel ferrocene-based benzimidazolium receptors 4–7 were designed and structurally characterized, their crystal structures revealed that these receptors were capable ofExpand
Synthesis and characterization of cyclophane: The highly selective recognition of Fe3+ in aqueous solution and H2PO4− in acetonitrile solution
Abstract In this work, we report a series of cyclophane fluorescent sensors based on acridine combining with imidazolium through ether linkages. X-ray crystal structures demonstrated theExpand
Ferrocene-based sulfonyl dihydropyrazole derivatives: Synthesis, structure, electrochemistry and effect on thermal decomposition of NH4ClO4
Abstract Three ferrocene-based sulfonyl-substituted dihydropyrazoles 3a–c have been synthesized, from the corresponding α,β-unsaturated diketones, and fully characterized. The crystal structures ofExpand
Acyclic ferrocene-based imidazolium salts as multi-site anion receptors
Abstract Several novel acyclic multi-site receptors comprising of imidazolium moieties were synthesized and structurally characterized. All of these compounds were characterized through 1H NMR, 13CExpand
Anion receptors of N-ferrocenylmethylene-substituted bis-imidazolium salts linked by xylene spacers
Abstract A series of xylyl ( ortho , meta , and para ) linked N -ferrocenylmethylene-substituted bis-imidazolium salts ( 3a–3c ) and bis-benzimidazolium salts ( 4a–4c ) were synthesized andExpand
A Simple and Highly Selective 2 , 2-diferrocenylpropane-based Multi-channel Ion Pair Receptor for Pb 2 + and HSO
Structurally simple, 2,2-diferrocenylpropane-based ion pair receptor 1 was synthesized and characterized by H NMR, C NMR, HRMS, elemental analyses, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The ion pairExpand
Structural transformation caused by pyridine carboxylate in rosebengal-modified metal framework: Synthesis and spectral analysis.
In this paper, luminescent metal-organic framework was modified with a rosebengal dye. This resulting composite structure was confirmed with XRD, IR, TGA/DTG and photophysical spectroscopy. DetailedExpand
Synthesis of two nickel (II) complexes bearing pyrrolide-imine ligand and their catalytic effects on thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
Abstract Two pyrrolide-imine chelating Ni(II) complexes {[2-(2-CH 3 O-C 6 H 4 -NCH)C 4 H 3 N] 2 Ni ( 2a ) and [(Fc-NCH)]C 4 H 3 N] 2 Ni ( 2b , Fc = ferrocenyl)} were prepared via treatingExpand