Jiřina Koutná

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Between 1978-84 371 patients with HD were treated according to Protocol of LCG. 72.5% achieved complete, 10.8% partial remission and 16.7% were nonresponders. The evaluation of results was performed by PIL program from BMDP 81. The mean survival was 61 and disease-free survival (DFS) 60 months. The cumulative survival and DFS at 5 years were 65% and 68%,(More)
AIMS To compare the pharmacodynamics of cisatracurium and rocuronium-induced neuromuscular block following single dose, allowing either spontaneous or neostigmine-accelerated complete recovery. METHODS Following the ethics committee approval and informed consent, 120 patients scheduled for elective surgery under TIVA with tracheal intubation were(More)
BACKGROUND Following opioid and intravenous anaesthetic, tracheal intubation may be accomplished without any muscle relaxant. In this study, we evaluated the dose requirements for sufentanil with propofol without muscle relaxant administration to obtain clinically acceptable intubation conditions and cardiovascular responses. METHODS AND RESULTS After(More)
AIM Failed endotracheal intubation and inadequate ventilation with subsequent insufficient oxygenation can result in serious complications potentially leading to permanent health damage. Difficult intubation may occur not only in patients with apparent pathologies in the orofacial region but also, unexpectedly, in those without abnormalities. This study(More)
BACKGROUND Excess body weight was shown to be associated with risk of several types of cancer. In the Czech Republic, malignant tumors are the second leading cause of death. The aim of this study was to assess the association between the most frequent types of cancer and obesity. METHODS A case-control study was accomplished, using data from the National(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of 6-year results of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) treatment by Ella stent-grafts with regard to safety and effectivity in relation to morphology of the aneurysm. METHODS From a group of 172 patients with AAA, in whom elective endovascular treatment was considered, 120 of them (69.8%) were found to be suitable for this type of(More)
The impact of obesity on cardiovascular mortality in the District Sumperk (C2) is assessed. A case-control design was selected to study the impact of obesity on cardiovascular mortality among the population of the District Sumperk, Czech Republic. Exposure to obesity was defined as body-mass index (BMI) higher or equal 30. Men and women with BMI lower than(More)
From 1975 through 1986, repeated preventive oncologic check-ups were carried out in the District Sumperk. In the course of the check-ups, 49,426 persons were examined. The examinations were aimed at surveillance of initial stadium of cancers as well as at detection of other serious chronic diseases. The results of the check-ups form a large database(More)