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In Wistar rats, the elimination of the sum of radioactive metabolites of acrylonitrile--14C was not markedly influenced by the rote of acrylonitrile administration. The elimination of thiocyanate, however, was significantly higher after oral (23% of the dose) than after intraperitoneal (4%), subcutaneous (4.6%), or intravenous (1.2%) administration. The(More)
Intact cells and cell-free extracts of E. coli convert isocytidine to isocytosine and uracil. The radioactive label of 5-[(3)H]isocytidine is incorporated into RNA and, DNA of growing bacteria at a rate equal to about 1.4% of that of cytidine under similar conditions; the radioactivity is found in uridylic, cytidylic and 2'-deoxythymidylic acids, while less(More)