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We introduced the technique of coupling of Ising-like spins in symmetric molecules in a way analogous to coupling of “real” spins known from the theory of quantum spin momentum. This new basis provides more natural and in some cases easier way of capturing the spin crossover behaviour of a binuclear system. We applied this general procedure on the simplest(More)
− The non-traditional method for the soil status and its change monitoring was used. The method is electrical impedance spectrometry (below EIS), which is developed within the Europe international project E!3838 of EUREKA program. EIS monitors electrical impedance in complex form and its changes caused by the load of the environment or construction by(More)
The article reports on low-temperature high-rate sputtering of hydrophilic transparent TiO2thin films using dc dual magnetron (DM) sputtering in Ar + O2mixture on unheated glass substrates. The DM was operated in a bipolar asymmetric mode and was equipped with Ti(99.5) targets of 50 mm in diameter. The substrate surface temperature Tsurfmeasured by a(More)
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