Jiří Knor

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Biopsies from 15 human gliomas, five meningiomas, four Schwannomas, one medulloblastoma, and four normal brain areas were analyzed for 12 enzymes of energy metabolism and 12 related metabolites and cofactors. Samples, 0.01-0.25 microgram dry weight, were dissected from freeze-dried microtome sections to permit all the assays on a given specimen to be made,(More)
BACKGROUND The cooling efficacy of intravenous administration of cold crystalloids can be enhanced by optimisation of the procedure. This study assessed the temperature stability of different application regimens of cold normal saline (NS) in simulated prehospital conditions. METHODS Twelve different application regimens of 4 °C cold NS (volumes of 250,(More)
Laparoscopic cholecystectomies have adverse haemodynamic effects which limit their use in risk patients with heart disease. This applies in particular to significant hypertension. The etiology is analysed in detail in a review of the literature. The authors confirmed in their work involving 21 patients the incidence of these effects and tried to suppress(More)
The presence of free-floating right-heart thrombus has been reported in a cardiac arrest patient in the periarrest period. Free-floating right atrial thrombus is a rare phenomenon seen in patients developing severe pulmonary embolism, and is associated with increased mortality. However, there have been no previously reported cases of right-heart thrombus(More)
Epidemiological data about unintentional injuries under the influence of alcohol are presented. Moreover, the violence against emergency health care workers in this country succeeds mainly the alcohol abuse. The taxation of alcoholic beverages should be increased. The availability of alcohol should be restricted (e.g. during sporting events), and the(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is essential part of the first aid skill. Constant attention is given to education in CPR mainly among adolescents. The aim of our epidemiological study was to asses the actual level of theoretical knowledge in CPR. METHODS AND RESULTS We have developed a simple questionnaire including 17 items(More)