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Brain microdialysis combined with HPLC and spectroscopic detection was used to monitor extracellular glutamate in the parabrachial nucleus (PBN) of rats during acquisition of a conditioned taste aversion (CTA). Microdialysis fractions taken every 20 min were used to assess the effects of presentation of the conditioned stimulus alone (CS, consumption of(More)
A microdialysis technique was used to monitor changes in serotonin (5-HT), 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid (5-HIAA) and dopamine (DA) in the extracellular space of the parabrachial nucleus (PBN) of rats to estimate the contribution of these neurotransmitter systems to the acquisition of conditioned taste aversion (CTA). A significant (280%) enhancement of 5-HT(More)
Pyogenic liver abscesses are caused by appendicitis in less than 10%. Also the ascending septic inflammation of portal vein (pylephlebitis) could be a serious complication of intra-abdominal infection. Although pylephlebitis is not frequent today, its' mortality and morbidity rates remain high. We describe a case of young man with fever, abdominal pain, and(More)
Takayasu's arteritis is a non-specific form of vasculitis involving the aorta, its main branches and pulmonary arteries. It is a rare disease in our country, contrasting with the high prevalence in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. We discuss the course of the disease in our patient who was a young women who developed Takayasu's arteritis associated(More)
It has recently been shown that electrical stimulation of the brain cortex in vivo blocks invasion of cortical spreading depression (SD) into the stimulated area. The effect has been interpreted as a result of activating a K+ pumping mechanism that prevents the accumulation of this ion in the extracellular space to the high levels required for SD(More)
An epidemiological and clinical study of tuberculosis in a district with a population of 100 000 has been in operation in Czechoslovakia since 1960. Its objective is to ascertain the epidemiological situation and long-term trend in respect of tuberculosis in a country with well-established tuberculosis control facilities. This second report presents the(More)