Jiří Janeček

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A 4.2-kb SphI-BamHI fragment of chromosomal DNA from Streptomyces granaticolor was cloned and shown to encode a protein with significant sequence similarity to the eukaryotic protein serine/threonine kinases. It consists of 701 amino acids and in the N-terminal part contains all conserved catalytic domains of protein kinases. The C-terminal domain of Pkg2(More)
Using intracerebral EEG recordings in a large cohort of human subjects, we investigate the time course of neural cross-talk during a simple cognitive task. Our results show that human brain dynamics undergo a characteristic sequence of synchronization patterns across different frequency bands following a visual oddball stimulus. In particular, an initial(More)
Establishing dependencies and connectivity among different structures in the human brain is an extremely complex issue. Methods that are often used for connectivity analysis are based on correlation mechanisms. Correlation methods can analyze changes in signal shape or instantaneous power level. Although recent studies imply that observation of results from(More)
We studied the impact of a sublethal concentration of erythromycin on the fitness and proteome of a continuously cultivated population of Escherichia coli. The development of resistance to erythromycin in the population was followed over time by the gradient plate method and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) measurements. We measured the growth rate,(More)
Functional integration refers to the interactions among multiple specialized neuronal populations, and how these interactions depend upon context. In the present paper we describe the procedure of evaluation repeated EEG signals obtained from deep brain structures. Coupling of oscillatory activities was measured by the correlation function for all the(More)
Transition from vegetative cells to aerial mycelium and spores of Streptomyces collinus is accompanied by changes in the pattern of proteins phosphorylated. Preparation from spores exhibits lower phosphorylation activity than those of vegetative cells and aerial mycelium. Phosphorylation of proteins from aerial mycelium was markedly stimulated by the(More)
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