Jiří Hejtmánek

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Novel thermoelectric oxides were developed, produced, and characterized to demonstrate their promising thermoelectric conversion potential in a ther-moelectric converter. Four-leg thermoelectric oxide modules were fabricated by combining p-and n-type oxide thermoelements made of pressed polycrys-talline GdCo 0.95 Ni 0.05 O 3 and CaMn 0.98 Nb 0.02 O 3 ,(More)
Three forms of La,Sr-manganites are synthesized and the role of Tb doping is investigated. First two systems are sol-gel nanoparticles and sintered ceramics of the composition La0.56Tb0.07Sr0.37MnO3, whereas the third system is formed by comparable nanoparticles La0.51Tb0.06Sr0.43MnO3 synthesized in molten salt. The samples show pseudocubic perovskite(More)
Crystal and magnetic structures of the x = 0.2 member of the La0.8-xTbxCa0.2CoO3 perovskite series have been determined from powder neutron diffraction. Enhancement of the diffraction peaks due to ferromagnetic or cluster glass ordering is observed below TC = 55 K. The moments first evolve on Co sites, and ordering of Ising-type Tb(3+) moments is induced at(More)
The electric, magnetic, and thermal properties of three perovskite cobaltites with the same 30% hole doping and ferromagnetic ground state were investigated down to very low temperatures. With decreasing size of large cations, the ferromagnetic Curie temperature and spontaneous moments of cobalt are gradually suppressed: TC = 130 K, 55 K and 25 K and m =(More)
Dielectric response of perovskite Sr1-xBaxMnO3 (x = 0.43 and 0.45) ceramics was investigated using microwave, THz and infrared spectroscopic techniques in order to study the ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic phase transitions with critical temperatures TC ≈ 350 K and TN ≈ 200 K, respectively. The two lowest-frequency polar phonons are overdamped above TN(More)
A round robin test aiming at measuring the high-temperature thermoelectric properties was carried out by a group of European (mainly French) laboratories (labs). Polycrystalline skutterudite Co0.97Ni0.03Sb3 was characterized by Seebeck coefficient (8 labs), electrical resistivity (9 labs), thermal diffusivity (6 labs), mass volume density (6 labs), and(More)
Temperature dependences of the magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, and electrical resistivity have been measured for the Mo(3)Sb(7) compound in the 0.6-350 K range. This compound exhibits bulk superconductivity occurring at 2.25 K and follows the Kadowaki-Woods relation, A/gamma(2)=1.0 x 10(-5) microOmega x cm(K x mol/mJ)(2), as a heavy-fermion system(More)
Charge transport in Na0.63CoO2 thin film deposited by a spin-coating method was investigated experimentally by time-domain terahertz spectroscopy and theoretically using Monte Carlo calculations of charge response in nano-structured materials. The dominating type of transport mechanism over the entire investigated range of temperatures (20-300 K) is a(More)
We report on a detailed investigation of the crystal and electronic band structures and of the transport and thermodynamic properties of the Mo-based cluster compound Ag2Tl2Mo9Se11. This novel structure type crystallizes in the trigonal space group R3̅c and is built of a three-dimensional network of interconnected Mo9Se11 units. Single-crystal X-ray(More)
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