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Activity against intracellular Candida albicans was assessed in C. albicans-infected murine peritoneal macrophages exposed to long-circulating pegylated amphotericin B liposomes (PEG-AMB-LIP), AmBisome, or Fungizone. The level of antifungal activity of Fungizone is much higher than that of AmBisome or PEG-AMB-LIP, while PEG-AMB-LIP and AmBisome show(More)
In the course of developing a clinical contractility index, isometric contractions of pig urinary bladder smooth muscle were analyzed in terms of phase plots (a plot of the rate of change of a variable, in this case force, as a function of the variable itself). The straight line describing the major part of the phase plots is characterized by the two(More)
Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA; OMIM:105650) attracts much attention, because symptoms are associated with mutations in RPS19 1 and RPS24 2 in 25% and 2% of DBA patients, respectively, indicating a possible relationship between the ribosomal function, translation levels and erythropoiesis. Indeed, in our recent study we showed that translational efficiency(More)
BACKGROUND Mixed phenotype acute leukemia (MPAL) represents a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma. The European Group for the Immunological Classification of Leukemias (EGIL) scoring system unambiguously defines MPAL expressing aberrant lineage markers. Discussions surrounding it have focused on scoring details, and information is limited regarding its(More)
BACKGROUND Most minimal residual disease-directed treatment interventions in current treatment protocols for acute lymphoblastic leukemia are based on bone marrow testing, which is a consequence of previous studies showing the superiority of bone marrow over peripheral blood as an investigational material. Those studies typically did not explore the(More)
Citation: Volejnikova J, Mejstrikova E, Valova T, Reznickova L, Hodonska L, Mihal V, Sterbav J, Jabali Y, Prochazkova D, Blazek B, Hak J, Cerna Z, Hrusak O, Stary J, Trka J, and Fronkova E. Minimal residual disease in peripheral blood at day 15 identifies subgroup of childhood B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia with superior prognosis.(More)
Diamond-Blackfan anemia is a rare inherited bone marrow failure syndrome diagnosed in early infancy that is characterized by a (a) macrocytic anemia with no other significant cytopenia, (b) reticulocytopenia, and (c) normal bone marrow cellularity with a paucity of erythroid precursors. Physical anomalies are often present. Mutations in several ribosomal(More)