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To investigate possible risk factors for Parkinson's disease (PD) we conducted a case-control study of 150 PD patients and 150 age- and sex-matched controls. We interviewed and examined all 300 subjects. We collected demographic data including lifetime histories of places of residence, source of drinking water, and occupations such as farming. Subjects(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS A standardized methodology to assess the impacts of land-use changes on vegetation and ecosystem functioning is presented. It assumes that species traits are central to these impacts, and is designed to be applicable in different historical, climatic contexts and local settings. Preliminary results are presented to show its(More)
Land use and climate changes induce shifts in plant functional diversity and community structure, thereby modifying ecosystem processes. This is particularly true for litter decomposition, an essential process in the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients. In this study, we asked whether changes in functional traits of living leaves in response to(More)
We studied the effect of cessation of management on carbohydrate reserves of plants in meadows with different environmental characteristics and plant composition. We recorded storage carbohydrates and seasonal changes for 40 plant species. We asked whether there are differences in responses of carbohydrate reserves in forbs versus graminoids and in plants(More)
PURPOSE Bone is a common site of metastatic disease and the most frequent site of metastatic spread in patients with prostate cancer. Most patients with bone metastases complain of bone pains. This pain may be alleviated or eliminated by administration of radiotherapy at the site of metastases. Currently, two forms of radiotherapy administration exist:(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the andrological outcome of the division of testicular lymphatic vessels at varicocelectomy in children and adolescents. METHODS Testicular size and basal and stimulated luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) values were determined prospectively in 86 patients with left unilateral varicocele grades II-III. 22(More)
AIM The breast cancer and the prostate cancer are considered as the most frequently occurred metastatic tumors in bones. The bone pain appears in majority of patients with metastases. One possibility how to reduce or to remove this pain is the administration of the radiotherapy to the place of metastases. The present medicine disposes of two ways how to(More)
Methanogens typically occur in reduced anoxic environments. However, in recent studies it has been shown that many aerated upland soils, including desert soils also host active methanogens. Here we show that soil samples from high-altitude cold deserts in the western Himalayas (Ladakh, India) produce CH4 after incubation as slurry under anoxic conditions at(More)
Evolutionary theory suggests that divergent natural selection in heterogeneous environments can result in locally adapted plant genotypes. To understand local adaptation it is important to study the ecological factors responsible for divergent selection. At a continental scale, variation in climate can be important while at a local scale soil properties(More)
UNLABELLED The objective of the study is to estimate the differences in the impact of diet and physical exercise on lung cancer risk in female nonsmokers vs. smokers, and reveal interactions, if any. In a hospital based case-control study, data collected by in-person interviews from 569 female lung cancer cases and 2120 controls were analyzed using(More)