Jiří Cerman

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BACKGROUND New agents that are active in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer are needed. Patupilone (EPO906; epothilone B) is a novel microtubule-stabilising agent. METHODS Patients with advanced colon cancer who progressed after prior treatment regimens received intravenous patupilone (6.5-10.0 mg m(-2)) once every 3 weeks by a 20-min infusion(More)
INTRODUCTION Path integration (PI) is an important component of spatial navigation that integrates self-motion cues to allow the subject to return to a starting point. PI depends on the structures affected early in the course of Alzheimer's disease (AD) such as the medial temporal lobe and the parietal cortex. OBJECTIVES To assess whether PI is impaired(More)
Development of new drugs for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) requires valid paradigms for testing their efficacy and sensitive tests validated in translational research. We present validation of a place-navigation task, a Hidden Goal Task (HGT) based on the Morris water maze (MWM), in comparable animal and human protocols. We used scopolamine to model(More)
The retrosplenial cortex (RSC) is a mesocortical region broadly involved with memory and navigation. It shares many characteristics with the perirhinal cortex (PRC), both of which appear to be significantly involved in the spreading of epileptic activity. We hypothesized that RSC possesses an interneuronal composition similar to that of PRC. To prove the(More)
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