Jiří Špaček

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A total of 212 dendritic spines (108 from the visual and 104 from cerebellar cortices of the mouse) were analyzed in serial sections. Dendritic spines (DS) and synaptic active zones (SAZ) were classified according to their shape, and the following quantitative data were measured: DS stalk and bulb diameters, DS length and volume, number of cisterns of the(More)
BACKGROUND The poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor olaparib has shown antitumour activity in patients with platinum-sensitive, recurrent, high-grade serous ovarian cancer with or without BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy and tolerability of olaparib in combination with chemotherapy, followed by olaparib maintenance(More)
A total of 342 dendritic spines (193 from the visual and 149 from the cerebellar cortex of the mouse) were analyzed in serial and several hundred of thousands of them in single sections, with respect to the presence and organization of the spine apparatus and other cytoplasmic components. The continuity of the spine apparatus with the smooth endoplasmic(More)
The glial envelope of dendritic spines in the visual and cerebellar cortices was evaluated by analysis of serial sections. Three-dimensional reconstructions of the protoplasmic astrocyte processes were made and the quantitative proportions of the glial cover on dendritic spines were measured and compared. Whereas dendritic spines on spiny branchlets of(More)
The authors report on their 2 1/2-year clinical experience using a dural substitute, ovine pericardium, stabilized with 0.3% glutaraldehyde, flat freeze-dried, and sterilized with gamma-irradiation. Packaging of the ovine pericardium in double-plastic transparent bags allows simple storage in operating rooms and the opportunity for the surgeon to choose an(More)
A 5-year experience with the glutaraldehyde-stabilized freeze-dried radiation-sterilized calf pericardium used as a dural substitute is reported. The structure of pericardium xenograft is compared with other collagenous materials used for duraplasty (allogeneic fascia lata and dura mater) by light and electron microscopy. The special neurosurgical(More)
This paper describes the early stages of impregnation by the Golgi method. Sections of aldehyde-fixed and potassium dichromate-treated cerebral cortex were mounted on glass slides and cover slipped. The dichromate solution was replaced by silver nitrate solution and events in the section were followed and recorded by time lapse microphotography and video(More)
Epigenetic changes are considered to be a frequent event during tumour development. Hypermethylation of promoter CpG islands represents an alternative mechanism for inactivation of tumour suppressor genes, DNA repair genes, cell cycle regulators and transcription factors. The aim of this study was(More)