Jiří Černý

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MP2 and CCSD(T) complete basis set (CBS) limit interaction energies and geometries for more than 100 DNA base pairs, amino acid pairs and model complexes are for the first time presented together. Extrapolation to the CBS limit is done by using two-point extrapolation methods and different basis sets (aug-cc-pVDZ - aug-cc-pVTZ, aug-cc-pVTZ - aug-cc-pVQZ,(More)
Sulfur fluxes and dS values were determined in two acidified small watersheds located near the Czech–German border, Central Europe. Sulfur of sulfate aerosol in the broader region (mean dS of 7.5‰ CDT) was isotopically heavier than sulfur of airborne SO2 (mean d S of 4.7‰). The annual atmospheric S deposition to the Jezeřı́ watershed decreased markedly in(More)
Viral RNA dependent polymerases (vRdPs) are present in all RNA viruses; unfortunately, their sequence similarity is too low for phylogenetic studies. Nevertheless, vRdP protein structures are remarkably conserved. In this study, we used the structural similarity of vRdPs to reconstruct their evolutionary history. The major strength of this work is in(More)
We consider the simple random walk on a random d-regular graph with n vertices, and investigate percolative properties of the set of vertices not visited by the walk until time un, where u > 0 is a fixed positive parameter. It was shown in [ČTW11] that this so-called vacant set exhibits a phase transition at u = u?: there is a giant component if u < u? and(More)
Phthalocyanines and their analogues show great potential as photodynamic agents producing reactive oxygen species (ROS), especially in medicine. However, their biocidal effects may also be employed to inhibit various undesirable organisms. This study explores their potential algicidal effects. The laboratory tests concern the effects of various(More)
We analyzed antibacterial effects of several novel phthalocyanines against Escherichia coli and evaluated the suitability of flow cytometry for the detection of antibacterial effects of phthalocyanines in comparison with routinely used cultivation. After 3h of exposure under cool white light eight cationic phthalocyanines showed very high antibacterial(More)
Here, we examine the thermodynamic penalty arising from burial of a polar group in a hydrophobic pocket that forms part of the binding-site of the major urinary protein (MUP-I). X-ray crystal structures of the complexes of octanol, nonanol and 1,8 octan-diol indicate that these ligands bind with similar orientations in the binding pocket. Each complex is(More)