Jií Danihelka

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Habitats vary considerably in the level of invasion (number or proportion of alien plant species they contain), which depends on local habitat properties, propagule pressure, and climate. To determine the invasibility (susceptibility to invasions) of different habitats, it is necessary to factor out the effects of any confounding variables such as propagule(More)
Understanding the partitioning of genetic variance in peripheral and central populations may shed more light on the effects of genetic drift and gene flow on population genetic structure and, thereby, improve attempts to conserve genetic diversity. We analysed genetic structure of peripheral and central populations of three insect-pollinated violets (Viola(More)
The taxonomic status of Central European taxa Festuca pallens s.l., F. psammophila, F. polesica, and F. vaginata was revised using the multivariate morphological analysis of well karyologically documented plants, and AFLP analysis. Six species were recognised: F. pallens Host (relict rocky habitats; diploid); F. csikhegyensis Simonk. (base-rich rocks;(More)
Genetic diversity is important for species' fitness and evolutionary processes but our knowledge on how it varies across a species' distribution range is limited. The abundant centre hypothesis (ACH) predicts that populations become smaller and more isolated towards the geographic range periphery - a pattern that in turn should be associated with decreasing(More)
K. Abdel Khalik M. L. Absy D. Albach B. Albert G. A. Allen N. Alvarez V. Angyalossy M. Appelhans J. Archibald H. Azizi W. Bai O. Barazani M. Barkworth B. Barringer A. Belyayev M. Bendiksby L. C. Bernacci F. Blattner A. Branca C. Bräuchler R. Briskine E. Brzosko W. Buck S. Buzato A. Caicedo L. Carretero S. Castro T. Çeter W. Cetzal-Ix M. Chacon S.-M. Chang(More)
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