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This paper presents a simple method to fabricate micro-ball lens and its array. The key technology is to use the hydrophobic characteristics of polyterafluoroethylene (PTFE) substrate. High contact angle between melted photoresist pattern and PTFE can generate micro-ball lens and its array. PTFE thin film was spun onto a silicon wafer and dried in oven.(More)
STEP (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data) is an effort by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop an international standard for product modeling required for industrial automation. The product model involves both generic working standards and information models. As product accuracy becomes tighter, dimensioning and(More)
 The machine tool industry is one of the most fundamental industries in Taiwan. It is particular important for central Taiwan as more than 75% machine tool makers are located in this area. While it is difficult for most institutions to design a curriculum to cover related topics in machine tools, this paper describes the implementation of a curriculum for(More)
 This paper describes a team of juniors, major in mechanical engineering (ME), to design and prototype a wireless autonomous-guided vehicle (WAGV) in a project-oriented mechanical design and practice course. This course is intended to give students hands-on experience in mechatronics as it plays an important role in modern product design. The WAGV is a(More)
Micro lens array is crucial in various kinds of optical and electronic applications. A micro lens array with high numerical aperture (NA) and low aberration is in particular needed. This research is aimed to design and fabricate such a micro lens array with simple structure while keeps the same NA of a same-diameter hemisphere lens. A bi-convex(More)
The performance analysis of a rotary type Stirling engine was performed in this paper. This engine is constructed by two eccentric circles with displaced centers. The space between these two circles was divided into four chambers. As the rotation of these two circles is synchronized, the volume of each chamber would vary. The wall temperature was set at(More)
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